Major goal achieved – Back on a horse

Espescially for my English and Swiss friends I translated my latest post in English as well. Because it was in Switzerland where I really learned how to ride properly.

Thanks to Bruno an Melanie Rennhard where I had the best time of my life with the funniest colleague ever Tracey. And in Huttwil with Natasha who has never left that silly place.

This week my memories took me back several times. To Indigo and Winkie in Baar and to the little grey horse without name at Zürchers. Sometimes I wish I could step back in time to be there once again.

So here’s the blog:

Finally I made it. I reached my biggest goal. Getting back on a horse.

Fifteen years ago I was pregnant of my first child. The horse at the riding school got scared of something and I suddenly realised that it wasn’t just about me anymore. I stopped riding and haven’t ridden since.

At that time I weighed 116 kilos. Fortunately the riding school had some big horses that could carry my weight.

But with every child that came, I became heavier and even when I went back to 118 kilos after I got my gastric band, in my head I still felt way too heavy to think about riding a hose.

Not this time. When I put up my goals, getting back on a horse was my big number one. So just before summer break, when I reached about 110 kilos, I wondered when I would be able to ride again.

Once I read about a someone who was send away from riding school because she weighed 115 kilos. I never forgot about that.

My daughter dragged me to the Ve<>Ca Stables which is just around the corner. And with sweaty hands I asked about their policy for overweight people.

Their reaction was that I should be able to ride and they instantly started naming horses I could ride on. I was almost in tears with relief and nerves.

Anyhow, summer break started and the horses went out to the meadows. We agreed that I would come back after summer to make an appointment. Last week I took up the nerve and monday I had my first lesson since ages.

“You can ride, can’t you?” “Yes, sure I can ride.” But how it would really be after fifteen year, I had no idea. I expected that might have some trouble keeping my balance.

The horse that I rode, was a Haflinger named Smilla. I got in the saddle and there it was. The feeling. Not a single moment it felt strange. I just got on and rode off.

How cool! What a wonderful feeling! Back on a horse and everything went automatic. As if a button had been hit and all the wheels in my body started moving. Just like riding a bike, you just never forget how it works.

I had a private lesson for half an hour. I walked, trotted and cantered. Everything was still in my system as if I’d done it yesterday.

My fourteen year old daughter was impressed. She didn’t expect her mother to ride that well. How funny to be able to surprise your child like that.

When the lesson had finished, I could walk her around for a bit to cool her down. My first impulse was to get my feet out of the stirrups and let the reign go till I just had the last end of it. Just sit on the horse loosely. Of course, that’s what I used to do all the time after a lesson.

This morning I adjusted my fitness to one lesson a week. And tomorrow I will go to the riding school to book my lessons.

I don’t want to deny myself something that makes me so happy,

And my muscles tell me that horse riding is just good enough as any sport.




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